Saturday, September 13, 2008


Subliminal advertising affects advertisers too?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Looks like its impossible to update more often, seeing as nothing much is happening.

Afternoon edit

Sleeping like a bat nowadays. I must say I prefer the solitude of the night compared to the buzz of the day. So much nicer to be up way in the night/ early morning and not have to deal with people. Hence the reason I am sleeping later now. The only problem is that I will wake up in the afternoon and waste my mornings away, which I hate. Also feel tired in the afternoons, and energised in the evening. I like seeing the soft red glow of the early mornings, being awake only hours before people actually awakes. The only problem is my body's internal clock will be so, so messed up.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More sports

More basketball on sunday. And soccer. Played both of them for around 5 hours. Reminiscent of sec school days. Fun times.


Chop... in golf?! (thanks to wilson)

Cool vid of archer fish

*supports shock tactics* (plus cool ideas)

Welp becoming like a rundown of how I spend my days now

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yesterday was decidedly a good day!

Went to play some basketball, which meant stepping out of my house for the first time in about a week. Played some basketball (gee, I seem to be repeating myself) with dan and his bro + cousin, th, keith. Nice to play some sports again since before our MST when we took a break from sports for one reason or another. My skills deproved though ._. I guess all of ours did. Kinda obvious when dan and I were under the basket trying to get a shot in, but failed even though we snatched like 5 rebounds. Hung around with them a little longer after that before going home.

And being unable to sleep cause of my limbs. Or rather, the pain (ache?) in them. >.< So ended up sleeping at 5 and waking at 12. Today(yesterday, since its past 12, which would make the first line 2 days ago I guess) is a decent day. Caught 2 movies. LOTR and Battle Royale.

Violent descriptions and movie spoilers below

Battle Royale is interesting. It has a rather twisted (not in a good way!) story and blood and violence and gore. Not that different from other movies aside from the story. Its about this future Japan where the government is pretty inefficient, causing youths to be more delinquent ( if its possible, hehe). So they are pretty recalcitrant of authority, which is seen in the first few scenes where a teacher get stabbed in the tight in school. The government then established this Battle Royale law which turns out to allow them to kidnap a random class and force the people in the class to kill each other until theres only 1 survivor.

So it has a really sick story, but the blood and gore and violence aren't really bloody, gory, or violent, or it could be just the poor quality of youtube. I like the scene with the dead teacher and the exploding neck though. But the ending was stupid.

And I found this is a thread about the most disturbing movie you have seen. And from what I read, this seems like one of the milder ones. So tomorrow will probably be more movies which I am interested in watching curious about ( Yeah, that doesn't make me seem like a psychopath. Hopefully). Unless we end up playing soccer. Then it will be another post about my deteriorating sports skills. Like this post.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google Chrome

Is that supposed to be one word or two words?

In case you are wondering, Google Chrome is the new web browser launched by (da dadah daa!) Google. It was launched yesterday (today?, well around 10pm EST if anyone wants to convert that time to sg time). Coincidentally, I found out about it only yesterday (technically today). Although it's still in beta, I find it useful. It has many interesting features which I think will improve the standard of web browsers. Best thing is, its open source, so thanks Google =).

Download here

Read the comic

Wiki page

So, here are some of the features I find interesting.

Security-wise, it updates two blacklists of phishing and malware sites and warn users when they try to enter an unsafe site. Sandboxing tabs is another cool one. Basically, each tab is in its own process and what happens in one cannot affect the others. So, if you get say malware in one tab, closing it will terminate the whole thing and prevent it from affecting the other tabs.

I will say the security functions are the greatest impetus to use this. Aside from that, they try to make a cleaner interface and opening a new tab allows you to see which websites you visit most frequently ( it shows bookmarks, popular pages of yours and recently closed tab). Useful, but there are some problems (hopefully for now).

The Speed! Its supposed to be meant for applications, as the 'new' web is not just text. However, I find it runs noticably slower than FF. And there aren't extensions yet, but since this is just the beta...

I can't wait for it to be officially launched ( as in, not a beta). Maybe its just the name of google and the reputation that comes along with it, but I think it will be a better browser than the rest.

And if I sucked at talking about Google Chrome, read the wiki/comic !

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Teen surfers prey to 'Web of deception'

Welp, looks like next sem's icp case study.
CMC, group comm, culture?

In other news, there is not other news >.<

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Welp, my movie review!


TDK obviously refers to Le Dark Knight. Great show, I'd say. I like how dark it was (duh!), especially all the scenes with joker dealing with the mobsters. I will say the pencil scene is the best. It showed off joker's insanity and wit. Also a very original scene (joke?). Only part I disliked was the last part with the people in the ships. I felt that it was too good an outlook of human's nature. Call me cynical, but in real life, it would be more like the old Wild West duels.
3, 2, 1, DRAW, and both ships explode.

"Principally I hate and detest that animal called man; although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, and so forth." - Jonathan Swift

KR is the lesser, in fact almost unknown, Kallang Roar, the movie. It was ... different to watch a movie with only 3 people in the cinema. It was a good show, interesting story and decent acting. I just felt the soccer scenes weren't done good enough, but to their credit, it is a difficult thing to show. Still, I have seen worse films than this, so kudos to the director (and crew).